Rector's Message

From the Rector - by Rev'd. Canon ValRev'd Val Kenyon
We live in changing times. This I’m sure will come as no surprize to anyone. As I reflected on this, I was reminded of a pastoral visit I made some time ago to an older parishioner who had recently relocated into a new home in which her space was somewhat limited. This new reality dictated that some of the things that she have carried around with her from move to move over the years would have to be set free if she was to fit into this new space. This ‘sorting’ was no simple task, as like most of us she had spent an entire lifetime collecting things. This of course is quite understandable, as we need things to live our lives: pots and pans to cook, dishes to eat from, beds to sleep in, and clothes for a whole variety of temperatures. If, in particular, we have been blessed with the task of raising children, then there will be even more ‘stuff’ that enters our lives, things that we needed to support them through their various stages and phases.

However as we are faced with changes of all kind, we find ourselves having to choose what will stay and what must go. What will fit into my new life and what will not? It can be tempting in these moments to just ignore this kind of task, yet everything that is living changes, and so change comes to us all, and when it does we are left drilling down to the essential, to allow it to guide and direct our choices.

Over the past few months different ones in our parish have taken part in a study, Listening to God, to One Another and to Our Neighbourhood. In this study we made time and space to reconsider mission, hear about its changing shape, imagining together its place both within St Anne’s and in our lives in the days ahead. Just as sometimes we have to reorganize our physical space to accommodate a move or a new circumstance, so as we reflect on our Christian story and the place of mission within that story, we may be being asked to reorganize, reconsider, and re-evaluate our ideas of what it is to live a life based upon the teaching and examples of Jesus. What does that look like in this day and age? What will we keep, and what will we let go? These are not always easy questions to answer, yet as our keenest desire is to participate with God in what God is doing around us, we strive to discern God’s Spirit and its leading of us.

Over the course of this fall season it is my hope to visit all of the different groups within church to speak about our ongoing ministries and their relationship to our overall mission. There will be time to consider together how mission is being expressed in each of the groups, and what if anything is needed to support all that is happening. Giving thanks for you all, and in anticipation of the days ahead,

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