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Worship Services

Please note that St. Anne's regular service time is 9:15 am.  There will be an 8:00 am Book of Common Prayer service on the first Sunday of June and July, but not August.  An additional BCP service will take place on Wednesday, June 14th at 11am. 

Worship services are now being livestreamed on our Facebook page and also available afterward if you missed them.

At the March Parish Council meeting, we decided that as we try to move toward some normalcy masks are now optional and a personal choice. We have reintroduced the Cup at the Eucharist. As always, the decision to take the wine is entirely at your discretion.

FORTH @ 4pm: Every fourth Sunday at 4pm

A 30 minute informal time of worship. Through the vehicles of scripture and song, we will spend some moments with one another entering in the readings and their message to us.

Continue to pray for all those impacted by the virus and its ripple effect on work and home lives.

Please continue to keep in touch and pray for one another as we navigate these challenging and uncertain times together. Please do not hesitate to be in touch as needed.

Yours in Christ,
Canon Val and the Wardens of St Anne's

Please note that unless otherwise noted, sermons are preached by St. Anne's incumbent rector, Reverend Canon Valerie Kenyon.  Visit our Sermon Archive for previous recordings of sermons and services.

The Book of Alternative Services may be accessed in pdf format pdf for use during the services.Scripture readings for today may be found at:

Sunday Takeaway for May 21, 2023
This Sunday marks the last Sunday in our Easter Season, a Sunday where we focus on Christ’s Ascension. And while the joy and excitement of Pentecost will soon be upon the disciples, they were certain of only one thing ... when in doubt, prayer. And so, as these disciples waited, they were invited to participate in active and constant prayer in all of its forms, in all of the moments of their lives, believing that even in those time when they were not sure, God God’s self would help them to pray, to wait, to ask, to imagine, to hope... as in the words of Archbishop Francois Fenelon:
Lord, I know not what I ought to ask of you. You only know what I need. You know me better than I know myself. Oh Father, give to your child what I myself know not how to ask. Teach me to prayer. Prayer yourself in me,

Sunday Takeaway for April 30, 2023
This Sunday, known as Good Shepherd Sunday, we will read a very well-known and well-loved Psalm, Psalm 23. In this psalm we are reminded of the qualities and care of our shepherd, whom we have come to trust, upon whom we have come to rely, whose voice has led and guided us when days were good and when days were more challenging. The psalmist recognizes, and the text invites us to recognize among other things, that our immediate circumstances are never the end of our story. Some days there are green pastures, some days there are valleys of the shadow of death. This psalm reminds us that no matter what is going on, in all of these moments there is a shepherd whose voice continues to be available to us, to lead and to guide us. This is our comfort; this is our confidence in all the days ahead

Sunday Takeaway for April 23, 2023
We have all been on the road to Emmaus at one time or another. We have all had times in our personal lives when we have felt loss keenly, felt disoriented, anxious and distressed. Yet it is in the very reading of the story of the disciples in this Sunday’s Gospel reading of these two disciples that we are reminded that even in those moments of despair, loss and chaos, Jesus again walks into our lives and walks with us in our lives. And if that were not enough, as he comes to walk with us, it is on that road, when we
are at our lowest that Jesus comes to listen to our story ... and then in time and in turn, he tells us his story. And somehow, in all of this, we are refreshed, reminded and reinvigorated with new resolve to discover where God is leading us in all of this and to set off in that direction. Take some moments this week to imagine yourself on that road with Jesus. What story are you sharing with him, and what story is he telling you?

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