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Courage for Freedom
Did you know that every 30 second another person becomes a victim of human trafficking? Human slavery is the fastest growing organized crime in the world20190730CourageForFreedom. It is a billion-dollar industry that is often hidden in plain sight and no community is immune to its existence. Our humanity and social fabric is at risk when girls are not safe, and that is why the group Courage for Freedom exists. At Courage for Freedom they educate, train, and certify front-line staff and community service providers with proven strategies and prevention tactics to serve vulnerable victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They bring awareness to community agencies and personnel, government agencies, teachers and families who work or serve in a position of influence or care in this sector.

On Tuesday, July 30th, 13 of us from St Anne’s joined into the awareness-raising gathering sponsored by Canada’s leading experts in anti-human trafficking Courage for Freedom which took place at all the OnRoute venues along the 401 series of highways. We were at the Woodstock location with approximately 150 others joining into the event. We heard from the organizer Kelly Tallon Franklin and other local dignitaries and police agencies, as they pledged anew their efforts to both raise awareness of the presence of human trafficking in our communities, and how we can all be a part of supporting those already caught in and recovering from this horrific abuse. Those of us who attended would like to share more about this in the Fall. Please watch for more on this, and thanks to all who were able to attend.
Canon Val.

Visits to and from Northview Public
Our relationship with Northview Public School has been a long and important one. In the recent past we have through our donations of backpacks and supplies in the fall to warm hats, mitts and scarves in the winter, tried to be a support to the children and family who are our neighbours. In this spirit, Marg Wolsley, one of our wardens and I visited the school recently and spoke to their new principal and vice-principal about different ways in which we might be better neighbours, interested in the well being of their children and in strengthening connections. While a number of thing were discussed that will be shared in the months ahead, we were pleased to be able to invite their Grade 1-2 class to visit us during the Senior’s Luncheon to be held on October 16th. The students are coming prepared to share with us, and will be staying for lunch. How delightful will this be.

Meetings are plan to attend both the School Board meeting and the Home & School Association meeting in the Fall to introduce ourselves and to consider some of what might be possible in the year ahead. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect to our neighbourhood and to those who pass our doors every day.

PWRDF is an important outreach arm of the Diocese of Huron www.pwrdf.org

St. Paul's Daily Bread Program, a registered charity, is an ecumenical social service provider supported by over 50 London and area churches of various denominations, a number of service and fraternal organizations and hundreds of caring individuals on a regular ongoing basis. The Daily Bread Program is available to anyone need in the community who is in need and is one of the few agencies in London that offers emergency financial assistance in crisis situations pertaining to shelter and/or utilities cut off as funds permit.

Anglican Church Women (ACW) - The Bale
St. Anne's gathers donations of suitable, gently used washable clothing, sheets and towels and toiletries and sends them to the northern Diocese of Keewatin for the many individuals, families, communities and programs (safe shelters, rehab, and hospital) who rely on several agencies for support. The Diocese of Keewatin includes 45 parishes in the central region of Canada straddling the border of the provinces of Manitoba and Ontario and comprising over 900,000 sq kilometres.

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