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St. Anne’s Library/Resource Centre

Library Hours:
The library is open on Sunday mornings from 9:30 -12:00 noon and Monday mornings from 10:00 – 12:00 noon. There is a wide variety of books, DVDs, music CDs and Majesty magazines.

Traditionally many Canadians begin wearing a poppy on the last Friday of October. Across Canada Veterans’ Week is November 5th to 11th and there are learning materials available from Veterans Affairs Canada including bilingual newspapers, bookmarks and postcards. We have multiple copies of each to share in the library.

Tales of Animals in War is written for youth ages 6 to 11 and explores the adventures of the Remembrance Clubhouse animals. Besides their missions in the wars animals are also helping to heal the soldiers who return home feeling sad, scared or angry. “Ellie” the elephant’s section also has a photograph of the Animals in War Dedication in Ottawa including a bronze statue of a medical service dog.

Canada Remembers Times is created for youth ages 12 to 16+ with articles on Vimy, Dieppe and the recent deployment in Afghanistan from early 2002 to March 2014. The returning soldiers from recent missions have returned to Canada with injuries to both their bodies and minds that they will live with for years to come. Find out who were the “Bluebirds” and how they influenced political outcomes across Canada.

Our library has fiction and non-fiction selections for all ages on the themes of freedom, peace, justice and safety. There are several DVD titles suitable for adults.

Santa Survival Sack
Gather up a variety of items including books, DVDs etc. to enjoy over the Christmas season. Visit our library beginning mid-December for interesting selections that will be due back in mid-January.
Caregivers, grandparents, children will appreciate a “survival sack” with surprises.

Hello" Dusty. "Good-bye" ceiling cobwebs. Capture cobwebs with our original hand maid Dusty. Now available in the library. Only $10.00 each. Asante sana from The Friends Of Nairobi and the ACW

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