Parish Council News

Parish Council Conversations…

Over the summer Parish Council has not met. Our next get together will be mid to late September.  That does not mean that conversations about church matters and decisions have not been made on your behalf!

We return to our two-service format as of September 10th with our regular times of 8:30 and 10:00. You don't want to miss coming to church in September as we not only have a special presentation by Teen Challenge on September 10th but will also be saying farewell to our interim priest, Bishop Bob Bennett on the 24th.  An extended coffee period will be offered on both of those days so stick around or come back to enjoy a social time with others.

As previously announced in church, the wardens are in the midst of the hiring process to fill the Parish Administrator's part-time position. Keisha G. filled in for us as a temporary measure on the departure of Trisha P.. While this has worked well, it has always been important that we have a transparent process to ensure St. Anne's has the most suitable person in the job. Good luck to all who apply.

The amalgamation of all the group bank accounts into one Vestry account is almost complete. Once finished, it will help greatly to streamline our financial reporting. We will still be able to isolate financial activity for the various groups, but be able to report on a church wide basis...and avoid unnecessary bank fees. On another financial note, you will be seeing a bit detail about our donations to date in future bulletins.

Did you know that you could donate online to St. Anne's? A link to CanadaHelps is included at the bottom of each of our web pages and anyone can make one-time donations using this service. Canada Helps offers non-profits and charities the chance to receive electronic payments and avoid the high cost of setting up such a service by themselves.  Please mention this option to friends or family that may wish to donate to St. Anne's in memory of someone or in thanks to the church.

You may have noticed that the west facing panel of our sign looks whole again! Thanks to Peter H. and Mike J. for their trip down the highway to pick up the replacement and spare parts necessary to have our display looking as it should. And a great job has been done on the installation as well!  The east side of our parking lot has needed a bit of a cleanup and while Robin’s lone efforts have yielded great results, if you want to lend a hand and with a shovel, we are sure he would appreciate the help.

Look for the next summary of any Council conversations in a pew bulletin later in September. Please bring any question or concerns you may have about church matters to the attention of the wardens and we will do our best to get you an answer.
Keith Brooks
Shelley Lowther
Sophie Skaith